Smoke Sensor Alarm Wireless Fire Detector Home Security System


Static Current: ≤20uA
Radio Frequency: 315MHz or 433MHz Alarm Sound: ≥ 85dD/3M
Sensor: Optical Alarm Indication: LED Flashes in Red
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Brand new

Size(approx.): 115mm*45mm

Operating voltage: DC 9V battery (6F22 carbon battery, DC TYPE

Static current: ≤20uA

Alarm current: ≤40mA

Alarm indication: LED flashes in Red

Alarm sound : ≥ 75dD/3M

Radio frequency: 433MHz

Sensor: Optical

Certificate: EN14604 & CE & RoHS Approval

Alarm vilume: >75DB;

Temperature range: 10-60 °

Protection area: alarm installation height 6 meters,Protection

9V battery(Not included),auto reset stainless steel shield

LED indicate alarm,dustproof,mothproof,anti white light interference;

Alarm Output: relay output N.O./N.C.

Independent type suction a top installation, fireproof material, easy installation, no commissioning;

The built-in special IC, stable performance, high sensitivity;

The optical principle smoke measure the room,can accurate detection or fire from the early smoke

Can simulate alarm test for alarm;


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